Sunday, October 14, 2007


Here is a quick and dirty way to convert that epoch number to a real date and time.

Here is a good definition of the term.,2542,t=epoch&i=55509,00.asp


Amelia said...

Since I don't know anything about code or hacks, I'm sort of confused; is that it? Did you do it? How can other people do it too?

Henry said...

I'm still working on it. Now that I can get the raw data off, I need to figure out what it means. Then I need to figure out how to turn those numbers into calories and steps over a period of time. Most of this is complicated stuff and it will take me a while. I'm always open to anyone with expertise in this area to help me out.

Thanks for the comment

rdub said...

Henry, this isn't much, but I did find a reference on how to convert EPOCH into an real date in Excel (or any other application). Here is the reference ( Here is the formula for Excel (assuming the EPOCH is in cell B2): =(B2/86400)+25569