Sunday, October 14, 2007


Here is a quick and dirty way to convert that epoch number to a real date and time.

Here is a good definition of the term.,2542,t=epoch&i=55509,00.asp


Amelia said...

Since I don't know anything about code or hacks, I'm sort of confused; is that it? Did you do it? How can other people do it too?

Henry said...

I'm still working on it. Now that I can get the raw data off, I need to figure out what it means. Then I need to figure out how to turn those numbers into calories and steps over a period of time. Most of this is complicated stuff and it will take me a while. I'm always open to anyone with expertise in this area to help me out.

Thanks for the comment

rdub said...

Henry, this isn't much, but I did find a reference on how to convert EPOCH into an real date in Excel (or any other application). Here is the reference ( Here is the formula for Excel (assuming the EPOCH is in cell B2): =(B2/86400)+25569

Mike K said...

Hey Henry!! Need your help. Bodymedia is shutting down on January 31st and closing shop. I've been paying the monthly fee to get the data off the BodyBugg but now they're leaving me high and dry. Can you please help me with the software I need and how to pull the calorie data off my BodyBugg and clear its memory? Thanks so much!!